Strong . Proud . Caribbean

Chichi® is a sensual, well rounded Caribbean figure. She represents the smart, strong, happy and caring elder sister everyone deserves. She is handmade and hand painted in bright Caribbean colors by local craftsmen and painters at Serena’s Art Factory in Curaçao and can be taken home as a delightful souvenir or an original piece of art.

Chichi is the Papiamentu word for ‘big sister’. She represents the eldest daughter of the family, who binds the family together in a loving and caring way. She is a much appreciated female role model in the Caribbean community of today and a very live part of its colorful heritage.

Interesting . Professional . Free of charge

Serena’s Art Factory and the adjoining Art and Souvenir Shop are located near the CurAloë Plantation and the Ostrich Farm on the serene and beautiful east side of Curaçao. Visitors can tour the Factory and Shop, free of charge, and see how Serena’s amazing souvenirs and sculptures are made.

Serena’s Art Factory is a registered concept and company. It is also the place where Serena professionally restores sculptures in plaster and stone for churches, museums, individuals and firms. The tropical garden surrounding Serena’s Art Factory is used for lively open air workshops for individuals and groups, who enjoy painting Serena’s sculptures and souvenirs themselves.

At Serena’s Art Factory her larger than life art sculptures are produced individually and her delicate souvenirs are cast in silicon moulds and made of various materials like plaster, epoxy and concrete. This is done by a team of local craftsmen, experienced in both modern and traditional techniques.

Workshops walk in:

Join the @Chichi Curaçao Team for the unforgettable Paint Your Own “Chichi Walk-in Workshop.Support the local art world and learn from your creative side. ” The workshop participation fee is ANG 20,- plus the additional cost of a Chichi depending on the size:Small Chichi ANG 48,- Medium Chichi 138,- Angel ANG 58,-

Once you and your loved ones arrive at Serena’s Art Factory, you will see firsthand that there are many more options to choose from. Dabble in your artistic side and learning how to paint your own colorful Chichi on: Friday 11.4.2014!

Although the workshops are purely on a walk-in basis, the experience is uniquely tailored and will vary per individual. Our workspace accommodates up to 18 persons and it’s walk-in ONLY so we do NOT take any reservations. It’s first come, first served so make sure you get there at 9:30 AM sharp so you won’t miss out on this long-awaited opportunity.