Near one of the biggest conservancy areas of Curaçao you can find a little piece of Africa: The Curaçao Ostrich Farm. From our watch tower you will have a beautiful view over the St. Jorisbaai and it’s beautiful sunrise and in the evening you can see the sun go down behind the many ostriches of the farm.

What started as a cosy family business in 1995 has grown into a 9 acres large business without losing its charms. The Curacao Ostrich Farm has an exciting tour around the farm, a beautiful Art of Africa Shop, museum, kids place. The farm is accessible for wheelchairs and is an all eco-friendly business because nothing gets thrown away.

We hold several animals like ostriches, parrots, crocodiles, pigs, iguanas and spiders. We try to keep our animals in their natural habitat as much as possible.

On every whole hour one of our tour guides will take you on an exciting tour around the farm with our more than 40 year old military truck. In about 45 minutes our tour guide will tell you everything about the several animals on the farm and you will have the possibility to touch, feed and even ride the Ostriches.

Finish your African adventure in the Art & Souvenir shop, where you can browse for stone sculptures, wood carvings, African ornaments, wall hangings, painted ostrich eggs and much more. All of our products are handmade and our own ostrich bones and feathers are used.